The Study ...

‘The Diaries of Mary Booth’

by Clair Morrow


One day at a car boot sale I found a collection of diaries. At the same time, I was being tested for MS. In Mary’s diaries I discovered she had been diagnosed with MS. Her story became a parallel to mine. My story on a trajectory towards positive news, her trajectory towards the dark heart of the condition.

Reading about her story in its entirety made me realise how fleeting life is and that whatever gets thrown at you, if you can, to press on.

Though her condition permeates her diaries’ pages, her story showed me how none of us are defined by a single narrative.

‘My late Mother’s Future Work’

by Lucy Malone

I only finally found the strength to sort through my Mother’s belongings several years after she had left me so suddenly. Among her sketchbooks, letters and other things, I kept finding all these objects; broken plates, pieces of paint covered wood, flakes of paint each lovingly wrapped up and stored away and I was puzzled as to their purpose, but then I came across a list titled ‘Future Work’.

All the objects were on that list and I realised they were my Mother’s next planned exhibition and I resolved to finish the work she was unable to complete.

The process I went through, working through seemingly unremarkable objects to uncover their meaning in my Mother’s eyes, is what inspired The Museum of Ordinary People’s workshop practice. It’s the process we support each of our participants through, so they can creatively express a story that is important to them.

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