‘I am Sam’
by Hannah Adams

I am Sam, know me for who I am, not my diagnosis, label or disease, try to look past these.

My brother Sam was diagnosed with early-onset Huntington’s disease in 2012, at the age of 24. He was fit and healthy before, but showed signs of something going wrong in his early twenties. When he was diagnosed our family was thrown into an unknown and terrifying world.

I wish I could turn back time, freeze us in our teenage years and stop him from his painfully slow degeneration away from us and himself. I have been able to travel back in time to remember Sam, a teenage rebel with an artistic flair, eccentric in his own mad way, talented and bonkers, gentle and hilarious, a big brother and best friend, always a legend in my eyes and always by my side, deeply profound, an old soul with a playful spirit.

His younger years were so full of life, and his character always shone so bright. Sam's statement of values and beliefs:

When a guy needs to sleep, he needs to sleep, so let me sleep and dream about my younger years.

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