Hands Off Series
by Beatrix Robinson

In my work, I enjoy the discovery of everyday objects which are lost, disregarded and found in such unfamiliar fringes. Randomly finding these items is the impetus of my work. The familiarity of these objects found out of context distinctly signifies the relationship between human presence and human absence in the landscape.

I have become very attached to lost gloves since I began documenting them for my ‘Hands Off’ series almost 3 years ago, and continue to photograph them whenever I find one. I’m discovering which details within the landscape most engage me, and this process has inspired my current ‘Work in Progress’.

I have combined my passion for being by the coast, sea swimming and beach-combing, with developing an art practice that documents how we find, collect and care for discarded objects. These photographs of items which have been washed ashore by the tides are the latest manifestation of my ideas. 

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