The Dining Room

Rooms Series
by Sarah Luxford

I create work in relation to found objects, memories and the emotional impact this has on us and loved ones. As well as creating this series, I am also working full time driving buses for Brighton and Hove.

I have made a selection of small-scale subject matter rooms. This is my way of interpreting objects and how human beings behave. My most recent work has been influenced by the behaviour of the public in response to the pandemic. While working on the front line, I started to absorb the declining presence of humans as lockdown became a reality. What stuck out to me was how people panicked and mass bought.

I am currently a contributor on and you can find a link to my work.

︎ @sarah.lux

by Sarah Cole and Annis Joslin 

2019, looped video, 1 min 50 secs
Made with members of Joining Hands Joining Hearts
Originally commissioned by People United

Sarah Cole and Annis Joslin work as social arts practitioners and educators, using video, drawing, sculpture, text and performance developed through conversations and activities with others.

They have been collaborating since 2018, when they were awarded a commission by People United to work with a small domestic abuse charity in Kent. The work they made, ‘Messy Business’, consists of six short videos (of which ‘Burn’ is one) exploring people’s lived experiences. You can hear more about their working processes on this podcast with Look Then Leap.